Educational Services

Patien Care Technician

The PCT Program is a cross train program which consists of the Home Health Aide and Nursing Assistant preparation, the Phlebotomy Technician training, the EKG technician preparation and the Patient Care clinical and practicum skills. In addition the preparation for the CNA license is a must and is included as part of the requirement of the PCT program. The PCT program combines classroom lectures, lab work and clinical experiences. Courses address basic skills, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), phlebotomy, electrocardiography and first aid. The legal and ethical issues as well as the OSHA standards, safety and infection control are covered along the program. This allows the PCT acquire the knowledge and skills of a Nurse Assistant in order to give direct patient care to his/her clients including the advanced knowledge and skills of EKG and Phlebotomy.

Upon completion of the program the student will receive a Diploma certificate. The student may be working as Patient Care Technician as soon the Diploma is received.